Salsa Congress

It’s never too early or late to dance.


About Us

There is a common misconception that Latin dancing is only for adolescents and young adults because of the speed and strength that the discipline requires. But in fact, it is quite the contrary: everyone can dance as long as they really want to and will act on their passion for dancing. Salsa is for everybody, and everybody is for Salsa.


Our group, the Salsa Congress, is a U.S.-based Latin dance company that greatly promotes all the genres of Latin dances and music. With the help of all the company’s members and volunteers, we are also aiming to erase the misconceptions about Latin dancing and the discipline of dance, in general. We strongly believe in our tagline: it’s never too early or late to dance, or salsa for that matter. We are conducting salsa dancing courses for the aspiring people regardless of their age. As they say, age is just a number and it has nothing to do with learning sexy moves and suave dancing skills. Whoever you are, whether you are single, married, female, male, young, old, you are always welcome to be part of our salsa dancing classes.


As a new company, we have three main instructors collaborating for the management of the Latin dancing courses we are offering at present.  They are all trained professionals and have gone through long hours of classes, practices, performances, and various Latin dancing competitions to prove their worth as salsa dancing instructors. Aside from the three, we also invite other instructors to come help us teach our students efficiently. We also have several volunteers who help in facilitating and managing our classes and other activities.


If you would like to join us in a salsa dancing course, please visit the Courses page to browse our sizzling hot list of options. Go on, Salsa does not bite. See you at the studio!