As the expression goes, it takes great teachers to mold great people. Our salsa dancing lessons will never be one of the best without our guest instructors, volunteers, and these three wonderful and professional dance instructors:


Carlo Paulo Rodriguez

As the main choreographer of the Salsa Congress, Carlo started being a Latin dancing protégé at the early age of 7, and has joined numerous dance sports competitions in his birth place, New York, and other nearby cities. He carries the music, pride, and passion of his Puerto Rican bloodline and has no intention of giving them up. Carlo was also the one who started the plan to offer our cheap salsa dancing courses to all of the aspiring dancers in the United States.


Alicia Cora Mendez-Fuentes

Alicia came from a family of performers and achievers in the discipline of Latin dancing. She also joined various competitions since her high school days in Miami.  Carlo met Alicia during a college interstate competition; they became dancing buddies after an intense competition and eventually became co-dance instructors for Social Congress. Now as a mother of her two healthy children, she balances her time as a full-time salsa dance instructor and a full-time mom.


Myla  Carantes-Hughes

She was at the age of 32 when she started with Latin dancing in the busy city of Tampa. She had too much extra time doing nothing at home, so she signed up for dancing classes. She ended up going deeper into the discipline and the dance industry. Before signing up as a dance instructor for Salsa Congress, she was giving free dancing lessons to children in their neighborhood.


Our dance instructors are not as famous as the competitors in national and international events, but that does not mean that they are not experts in the field. Fame does not always mean expertise, and expertise does not always mean fame.