Learn Salsa


If you have passion for dancing, Latin music, and a little bit of extra time, sign up to our salsa dancing courses! We have available courses for all age groups and we guarantee that our deals are cheap and worth the money and time.


Are you always bored at home with all the extra time you have? Do you want to have an exciting kind of exercise once in a while? Do you have no experience with dancing? Do you think you have two left feet? Are you scared of getting bullied or shamed for the lack of experience? Never worry. The Salsa Congress is a friendly community of dancers and choreographers who do not tolerate bullying and shaming among their members and students. We make sure that all students learn all what they need to know about salsa dancing without involving extreme pressure and any kind of harassment. Our dance instructors could be strict, but their ways of teaching are guaranteed effective, efficient, and constructive.


Do you have experience with dancing? Do you want to hone your present Latin dancing skills? Have you gone to a dancing hiatus and want to practice again? Salsa Congress also caters to those who want to improve their already present Latin dancing abilities and open their minds to more creative and accurate ways of salsa dancing. We want to share to the world our experiences and learnings in Latin dancing so that others can benefit too.


Are you an aspiring choreographer? Do you want to establish your own dance company and start your own dancing lessons? Salsa Congress is perfect for you! We also offer a course on how to improve salsa dancing skills to a more expert level and for leading others. Salsa Congress also displays a good leadership example that could be your own basis for your own dance company.


Visit our Courses page and chooses a course that best suits your needs and wants. We’ll wait for you in the dancing studio!