Perfect Salsa Music for a Salsa Session

Salsa dancing would have never become popular without its partner: salsa music. The genre had more than a century to evolve thus a wide variety of salsa music is available. And thanks to the advancement of technology, salsa music are not just available in live performances, cassette tapes, and compact discs, but also in the Internet. Quality salsa music can be readily available in high quality with a few clicks on the World Wide Web. Here are several salsa music hits, mixes, and collections for the music and dance lovers:


#1 The Best Salsa Song for Beginners




We did not name the video itself, but it is really a great song for the new aspiring Salseros and Salseras. The song has a very common salsa melody so the dancer will most probably be familiar with it. In addition, there is an embedded voice over for the counting so an instructor can lessen the talking, and a dancer can practice by him or herself without doing the vocal counting.


#2 Twenty-two Salsa Classics Video Hit Mix


This maybe a collection of average quality of videos, nothing beats the heartfelt and sizzling melodies of the classic salsa songs. The collection includes famous salsa singers Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Gloria Estefan and the others who majorly contributed the popularity of salsa music. To add to that, the songs portray different emotive lyrics and rhythms that salsa dancers can move to. Electricians in Atlanta raised money so we can open a salsa dance studio in Atlanta, Georgia.


#3 One Hour of Instrumental Latin/Salsa Music



In case a dancer gets distracted by vocals, this collection of salsa, tango, cha cha and rhumba instrumentals will do the trick. The vibrant melodies of the songs can bring out the energy in any dancer. Also, the video poster listed down the names of the songs in the details part in case you want to check out them separately.


#4 The Best of Salsa



This is another collection of famous salsa songs, but it is more contemporary compared to that of the second video. Discovering the different compositions of salsa hits can bring about more possibilities of being creative with your own mix or routine. Also, this gives you a wider perspective on what kind of salsa music you would prefer to dance to.


#5 Mix of Best Salsa Hits of 2016



The salsa music does not have to be a classic or old one. A lot of musicians compose and perform many salsa hits and this video showcases those composed of recent times. The songs are accompanied by their respective music videos that often include young and professional dancers dancing to the salsa beats. A mix of sexy salsa tradition and millennial elements can be quite an interesting combination, too.


There are more of these salsa beats in Youtube and other websites catering to the same genre. Audio recordings in high quality can also be searched on the Internet. Learning the salsa does not stop inside the studio; it could also happen in our own homes using readily available resources like these.