The Studio Is Closed

This is an apology to my group, as there will be a long wait before we can use the studio to practice again. Last week we found out that the place was infested with termites, and to make matters worse the damage done requires repairs that will take time. The city will not allow us to use the building until the repairs are done, and the inspector approves it for use. I’ve spoken to a good friend who works at the best Pest Control Company Southfield, and he informed me that it would take some time before he could allow construction workers into the studio, due to the concentrated amount of pesticides they are using.

Thank you for your patience, but if you would like us to continue lessons and practice, we may be able to do so if someone in the group could suggest or possible offer a temporary place we can do this, even if we reduce the practice and lessons to twice a week that would be helpful. I am also actively looking for a place myself, if you have any suggestions, please contact me via the contact page, as I have forgotten the password to my outlook address, and the laptop it is logged into was left in the studio’s office. What a week this has been!

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